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Plastic Clamshell Packaging

Clearly a visual advantage, thermoformed plastic clamshell packaging adds shape to the presentation of your product. Economical and easily customized, a thermoformed clamshell is an ideal way to display your product and its most precise details. LEARN MORE

Blister Packs

VisiPak manufactures thermoformed blister packs for retail and industrial applications. Blister packs provide security while still displaying the contents for retail applications. Manufacturers, such as the pharmaceutical industry, may use non-clear material to secure the contents and prevent contamination. LEARN MORE

Packaging Trays

Plastic packaging trays are used in many industries and are available in clear or color. Many consumer goods utilize trays inside the package to hold food items or small parts. Automotive manufacturers utilize thermoformed packaging trays along the assembly lines to house and protect sensitive parts during productions. Inexpensive plastic packaging trays are easily collected for re-use or recycling, without concern of expensive replacement costs. LEARN MORE